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Eight Visits
72 pages
Section sewn, debossed Softcover
Designed by Joseph Atkinson
Published in January 2020
20€ + postage, incl. 1€ donation to PLANT FOR THE PLANET

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“Eight visits” is a collection of eight personal encounters photographed in Tokyo, Japan, during my stay there in March and April 2019. Each chapter shows one space that I visited. As time went on and I got to know more people living or working in Tokyo, I slowly developed a sense of home and with that my relationships evolved. I began to portray young adults around my age that I met and found through social media and photographed them in their homes.
Marcel, who is seen in many images, came along with me on most of the trips. The people and places I experienced with him led me to the subjects I photographed. Visiting these different places around the broader area of Tokyo, we were provided with various angles on life in Japan. Consistently, we sensed the tensions between past and future.
When thinking back on the connection between all of the subjects, I realise that each has a fluid identity, albeit in different ways – whether that be home, nationality, or gender identity. I see the young people I got to know in Japan as part of a globalised generation, and these portraits document my experience with their expressions of identity.
The sections are not chronological, but rather references to the spaces themselves in an attempt to communicate the way I felt about each place documented.

1€ of each sale will be donated to Printed on 100% recycled paper. All packaging 100% recycled paper and carbon neutral shipment.

Design Joseph Atkinson
Custom Type Design Floriane Rousselot, Typelab
Retouch Kenny Gessner